An update regarding COVID-19


During the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), your safety and the safety of our teams is our absolute number one priority.

Based on government advice, we are putting strict measures in place to help combat the spread of the virus.

  1. All our teams have hand sanitisers (with minimum 70% denatured alcohol) and are instructed to sanitise their hands before they start the job and regularly throughout the day.
  2. All our vehicles are regularly cleaned using strong antiviral detergents, particularly inside the cargo area and the cabin.
  3. Daily monitoring of all employees for flu like symptoms, based on government guidelines.
  4. Distance of at least 2 meters will be observed during the move between customers and the team.
  5. Daily briefings are conducted to keep the management and all the teams up to date during the current situation.
  6. We have stock of face masks and air respirators (FFP2 and FFP3) which are used by the team when needed based on government advice.

London Removals will continue to operate as normal, monitoring government guidelines closely and stand ready to make any necessary changes to protect you.