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Your home or your business packed to perfection

As a family-run business, London Removals has over 21 years' experience in the packing and removals sector. We pride ourselves in our professional packing service and in our highly trained removals and packing team. We offer an unsurpassed service to hundreds of unnamedcustomers in both the domestic and commercial sectors.

Our packing specialists will use only the best packing materials available and will employ a unique combination of tried and tested packing techniques and innovative solutions to ensure that even your most sensitive items such as china and glassware will not be put at risk. Indeed, there are no items that our expert team cannot handle. Traditionally difficult items such as crystal and pottery will not pose a problem, nor will electronic items or artwork.

For added security for your items, London Removals uses high quality, double-walled boxes to ensure that even the heaviest of loads are transported safely. Two different types of packing paper bring optimum protection, while we also utilise both reinforced and easy-tear bubble wrap and two types of removal blankets for maximum security. The key to successful packing and removals is to use the right materials in exactly the right way, and at London Removals we have this down to a fine art. Our expert packing team all have the relevant training, knowledge and expertise to correctly employ each type of packaging.

We can offer you a fully inclusive packing and removals service to help you effectively budget for your move, and we are happy to provide free quotations upon request. This package will cover all costs, with no additional or hidden expenses to be paid. Short notice moves can be arranged, and we are also available at the weekend.

If you prefer to pack by yourself we can offer a competitively priced delivery service: Here is how it works:

Our representative will deliver your order and briefly explain about packing techniques and how to use packing materials to wrap and pack different items (fragile, electrical, textile, shoes etc.) You can ask relevant questions and get precise answers directly from a professional removals man.

Our price list:

Small Box
15"x 11.5"x 11"
£1.60 each box3
Medium Box
17.5"x 15"x 15"
£2.70 each box2
Large Box
17.8"x 17.8"x 20.3"
£3.50 each box1
Hanging box
(holds up to 30 hangers)
£9.50 each cbox
London Removals branded tape £2.70 (a roll) tape
Fragile tape £2.70 (a roll) fragile
Packing paper £13.50 (5kg) paper
Mattress cover
Single, Double, King Size
£4.20 plastic
Bubble wrap
1.50 m
£0.95 (a metre) bubblewrap
Woven Furniture Blanket
60” x 80”
£5.40 blanket
Prices inclusive of VAT

For your convenience you can also purchase one of our pre prepared packages:

Pack 1 (one/two bedroom property) + FREE 5 meters of easy-tear bubble wrap
12 Small boxes
8 Medium boxes
7 Large boxes
2 Hanging boxes
2 Tapes
1 Pack of wrapping paper 5kg
5 Meters of bubble wrap FREE OF CHARGE
Prices inclusive of VAT
Price £105


Pack 2 (two/three bedroom property) + FREE 10 meters of easy-tear bubble wrap
20 Small boxes
10 Medium boxes
10 Large boxes
3 Hanging boxes (holds up to 30 hangers)
3 Tapes
1 Pack of wrapping paper 5kg
10 Meters of bubble wrap FREE OF CHARGE
Prices inclusive of VAT
Price £146


Pack 3 (three/four bedroom property) + FREE 15 meters of easy-tear bubble wrap
23 Small boxes
14 Medium boxes
12 Large boxes
4 Hanging boxes (holds up to 30 hangers)
4 Tapes
2 Packs of wrapping paper 5kg
15 Meters of bubble wrap FREE OF CHARGE
Prices inclusive of VAT
Price £195

While we also offer heated and humidity-controlled storage solutions to our clients, the packing and removals side of the business is particularly strong and is one of our many points of differentiation over our competitors. Our team has years of packing experience and the same commitment to preserving and protecting your possessions as you do. Whatever you are moving, be it equipment essential to your business or family heirlooms, we can ensure that every item will receive the care that it deserves.

London Removals is ideally positioned to plan the packing and removal of your goods efficiently and effectively. We can assure the safe transit and on-going protection of your items whether within the UK or abroad. We also have an understanding of import laws and are familiar with the paperwork required for customs clearance.